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2021-06-12 | Meta | One Way, Slowly Improved

I have definitely experimented over the years with many different ideas about building and documenting technical solutions and writing on Signal Q, but overall, my philosophy, rather than iteratively improving pieces of the entire climb, is to figure out a single route from birth to peak.

As I've struggled to comprehend the existing world of iterative response, the strange breed of identity politics fused with CI/CD, tied to the global supply chain, I am more convinced that the value of "Well, here is a complete route, a complete climb, as well as some strategic basecamps." is needed. It fits my current graph focus as well. Sure, figuring out how to change that tire on your car on the way to the mountain is iterative and in "the now", but a map that goes from your apartment doormat to the top of K2 is also useful, and rare. Do you really need or want an entire crowd sourced knowledge and update platform dependent on thousands of companies and efforts to complete your climb, with every step being evaluated for identity/perspective errors? Are you slouching towards Borg? Really?

The stance today is that nobody can actually create that map, at least not in the IT world. Well, here I am writing in my journal that publishes to valid HTML5, and in the other window I'm working on a script that ingests RFC 5424 Syslog event streams and creates graphs with navigable links to Graphite time-series charts. Sure, Graphite is a bit old, today at least, but it is fairly standard, and does not require Java. Further, I have documented how to create an OS that runs all of this, including every step from the Linux kernel on up to the final SPARQL query.

And what is this mountain? It is in my head. It is a vision. It is what I want to climb simply because I can see it. Nobody else can see it the same way I do. At the same time, though, I think the map is useful, as are the basecamps. It reminds me of playing the guitar, for me, at least. I decided I wanted to learn Neil Young's Cowgirl in the Sand. I practiced it for months. Rhys showed me the chords. I drove my roommates crazy with my constant practicing. I just wanted to know how to play one song. I didn't want to make a living playing a guitar, I just wanted to know one end-to-end journey.

Another interesting thing, as far as compatibility with existing workstreams, is that I know that with almost everything I do there is a better way. I am creating maps, not perfecting the climb. This is the way I facilitate better climbs. From this perspective it makes sense that I have moved to the public domain forum without identity. My iterative engagement is not my focus.

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